We Support Soil Formation :

Our Expert Desert Greening Partners Support Soil Formation
  • Over 50% reduced water consumption thanks to greater water retention capacities
  • Over 50% higher production thanks to improved crop growth
  • Over 50% larger production area thanks to the availability of conserved water for greeting
  • Resistant to UV radiation, salt, and heat
  • Provides and stores nutrients
  • Reduces the amount of fertilizer required
  • Improves the structure of the soil
  • Boosts microbial activity
  • Support the defence of crops against drought and heart stress
  • Manufactured from natural, organic components
24 billion tons of fertile soil are lost to desertification every year
Food production, biodiversity and climate protection depend on healthy soils, Moreover, access to land is unequally distributed among users worldwide.

Soil are the basis of life Without fertile land the loss of biodiversity cannot be stopped, global warming cannot be halted, and the right of every individual to adequate food cannot be fulfilled. Nevertheless, 24 billion tones of fertile soil are lost every year because of misuse, according to the soil Atlas 2015.


Desert soil does not always deserve its bad reputation. It frequently contains sufficient nutrients to allow vegetation to grow. The main problem is its insufficient for water retention.

Depending on the region, the root causes for desertification vary. In many cases, however, it only takes relatively little effort to restore the soil the right expertise and tools.

  • Our Expert Desert Greening Partners rehabilitate land. Their main focus is the revitalization of previously barren areas, especially vulnerable marginal land and desert soil.
  • Patented products, special technologies and application methods
  • Expert staff with more than 20 years of experience in rehabilitating and revistalising degraded areas
  • Functioning network of expert from research and teaching, and politics and industry
How our Expert Desert Greening Partner count and combat Desertification:
  • Rehabilitation and revitalization of fallow land, especially desert soil
  • Desalination
  • Stone removal
  • Subsoiling and transformation of impervious into previous surface
  • Remedying of oil damage using special procedures/materials (oil cracker plus)*
  • Supply and application of additives to support the formation of functional soil
  • Development and integration of biomass strategies
  • Integration of strategies for sewage water and waste
  • Integration of renewable energy

*A new procedure for the remedying of oil damage located close to the surface, using minimal quantities of water