Our Expert Desert Greening Partner' Core Services are:


Desalination of soils

Desert greening

Soil formation additives

Revitalisation of mining landscapes

Reclamation of pipeline routes

Soil re-naturalisation / subsolid cultivation

Removal of stones and debris


Decontamination of near-surface oil spills

Decontamination of waters and water bodies


Humus management and development of soil formation additives

Planning and construction of biogas plants

Waste and residue management


Agriculture, forestry


Development of special equipment

Research, teaching and training

TGC’s Core Services :

 Strategic Consultancy, Market study, Project Analysis and Project Management

 Biodiversity consultancy and wildlife impact analysis

 Building artificial lakes, canal systems and rivers to ensure water flows to all living beings

 Climate Change Adaptation consultancy services

 Desert Greening Advisory & Consultancy Services

 Climate Change & Global Warming Advisory & Consultancy services

 Management Consultancy services

 Global Expansion Consultancy services

 Solar, Wind & Renewable Energy Consultancy services

 Waste & Recycling Management Consultancy services

 Water & Waste Water Management Consultancy services

 Internationalisation and Globalisation Advisory & Consultancy Services

 Fundraising activities, financing of projects through grants and green funds


Collaborating to Build a Better World (coming soon):
Introducing the first private-public sector collaborative portal that enables the world to interact on Climate Change and Global Warming Hot Topics & Current issues through our Subscription As A Service (SaaS) portal – Join the #TradomDesertGreeningMovement

Live News & Updates (coming soon):
Live VIDEO news, TWITTER feeds and Updates displaying Worldwide News related to Natural Disasters & Calamities linked to Climate Change and Global Warming. All our Desert-Greening, Renewable-Energy and Green projects will be broadcasted Live on our special Video Blogs, displaying Live how our Green SDG projects are positively impacting on lives of millions of local indigenous citizens.

A synopsis of our Services: Our A-to-Z service guide on our Desertification | LDN | SLM | SDG15 | SDGs | Green-Fund | Agriculture | Environment | Water-Energy | Wind-Energy | Mining-Site-Restoration & Landscaping | projects include the following:

Water Management – Basis of Life on Earth
  • – Finding potable Water for millions. We have the expertise to drill beyond 100 meters deep in the ground to find underground water for the local indigenous population.
  • – Where underground Saline water is found, then we have the World’s most advanced water management technology to desalinate saline water to transform into potable Water.
  • – Installing solar water pumps in every village to give access to clean water to the local population is our nobility.
  • – Waste water treatment is essential in preserving Water that increasingly becoming a scarce resource which is so essential to sustain life on earth

Soil Management – Basis of Life on Earth on which we Walk on every day. The Land that feeds us and the entire humanity and biodiversity
  • – Combating Desertification and Sandstorms is our specialty.
  • – Desert-Greening and regenerating Arid, Semi-Arid, Desert soil into Green, Farming and Agricultural land; is our expertise.
  • – Reforestation of degraded land and forest restoration is embedded in our service offerings.
  • – Planting of one billion trees through use of Drone technology is part of our innovation, through our partners.
  • – Saving the soil and land of our Planet as much possible, is our sole vision.
  • – Restoration of degraded mining sites such as coal mines, gold mines etc is part of our extended offerings.

Solar & Wind Energy Management – Solar technology and Renewable Energy to bring light to every household is key to our mission
  • – Installing solar panels to produce electricity in every village for the local population is part of our nobility.
  • – Installing wind turbines to produce electricity for cities and for the local population is part of our nobility.

Recycling and Waste Management – Building a pollution-free world
  • – Building recycling plants to combat waste and curb pollution created from Man-made waste is our key strength.
  • – Managing plastic waste and pollution created by misuse of plastic is key to saving our oceans and lands.


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Site, analysis with testing or the conservation of evidence has special significance in the preparation of rehabilitation concepts.


Upon request, we supervise the projects in terms of expert opinions by publicly appointed and sworn experts.

Our Expert Desert Greening Partners’ Services include:

The causes of damage to soils are diverse.
As are the conditions at the different sites.
Therefore, it is never possible to have uniform
recommendations for action. Rather, each site has to be analysed individually and an appropriate rehabilitation plan has to be developed.

We would be glad to help you determine the problem with your ground or location or handle the matter for you. Please Contact us!



After the site analysis, we prepare a rehabilitation plan in accordance with your requirements.



Upon request, we accompany the implementation up to complex construction projects and prepare the corresponding documentation along with recommendations for action.


1. You contact us regarding, for example, the reclamation of degraded soil.

2. We review the basic feasibility and provide you with an offer for a site analysis.

3. After your commissioning, we prepare the report with specific recommended for actions.

4. Upon request, we either implement the recommended actions together of supervise them.

5. We will also be glad to take care of the performed work, monitor its management and document the results.