Our Team

Ismael Traoré BA (Hons) MA
Managing Director | Co-Founder

A finance professional, Ismael holds a Masters degree in international business management from Birkbeck University. Ismael has a wealth of Business Development experience and he is very well connected with high profile political personalities from West Africa. As a social entrepreneur and investor, he is idealistically positioned to deliver Global Goals projects as a leading Desert Greening, Mining Landscaping, Renewable, Water Management and Climate Change Consultant by partnering with international private sector clients, political agencies and NGOs.

Founder | Director
United Kingdom

A chartered accountant, Ash is studying towards obtaining an MBA from Bradford University School of Management. A fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and also fellow member of both the Institute of Financial and Public Accountants, Ash has several years of Controllership experience working for Silicon Valley Tech companies. Ash evolved into a Global Goals specialist and idealistically positioned as a connector to deliver SDGs projects in Desert Greening, Land Degradation, Renewable and Climate Change by partnering with international private sector clients, Impact Investing firms, NGOs and the Scientific community. Ash is on a mission to spur the next Green Revolution 5.0 to help feed one billion people whilst creating Food Security through the execution of Land, Environmental and Ecological restoration projects.