Problems caused by Soil Degradation

• Desertification : The process of fertile land turning into desert. As the soil becomes more degraded and has less nutrients it cannot support vegetation and effectively turns to desert.

• Dust Storms : As soil becomes less stable because of the lack of vegetation it becomes much more vulnerable to wind erosion which can create large scale dust storms. Northern China is suffering from an increased frequency of dust storms as desertification takes place south of the Gobi Desert.


Causes of Desertification

Causes of Desertification are various, for example, Desertification causes Drought, and the negative impacts of Drought:

• Causes people to move and migrate to find food

• A long period without rainfall

• Causes crops to die

• Results in lack of food


Desertification is a global problem

It harms the environment and damages all aspects of life. It has become one of the Worst Crisis on Planet Earth from which many countries around the world suffer. This has prompted the international community to draw to its hazards and to combat them through various international, regional and national organisations, since it leads to environmental, economic, social, political and health challenges.